Monetary Donations

Show off your support with some fantastic "Thank You" gifts!

  • $25-100 - Baseball Caps
  • $100+ Tumbler and Leatherette Portfolio

Monthly Donation

Becoming a Proud Paws Supporter is the fastest and easiest way to support the Athens Animal Rescue Shelter. By setting up a monthly donation, you will receive fantastic thank you gifts, and live every day knowing that you’re helping save animals in your community!

Become a Proud Paws Supporter

Monthly support is especially critical to the shelter’s long-term sustainability. By giving monthly, our Proud Paws Supporters help us continue to deliver the high-quality care we provide our animals every day. We are proud of the work we do, and monthly support helps us make smarter decisions for the future.

One-Time Donation

You may make a one-time donation at an amount of your choice. Every bit helps and we appreciate your generous gift!

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